Saint Barth, Treasure of the Caribbean

A few hours from Miami and New York, and only a little more from Europe, Saint Barth’, the Rock, is located on the Caribbean Arc. Welcome to a tropical paradise that perfectly combines Exotic lifestyle and French Art de Vivre. Land in one of the tiniest airport in the world and enjoy the island way of life with its paradisiac beaches, turquoise waters, tropical and lush vegetation but also party places and luxury stores.

Here you are, Welcome to Saint Barth’ for a dreaming getaway

How to get to Saint Barth

The island is mainly connected to St. Martin, the neighboring island which is about 10 minutes flight. Saint Martin Airport has connections with the main cities in Europe, Canada, United States, South America… Most flights from Europe or the United States to St Martin (Juliana Airport) are direct flights. Several companies from Anguilla, Antigua, St Kitts, Nevis and Puerto Rico are also landing in Saint Barth’.

All Covid-19 entry protocols for St. Barth have been lifted at this time.
It is the individual traveler’s responsibility to check the requirements of any airport they may pass through when connecting to St. Barth.
No test is required for vaccinated travelers.

If you are connecting via St. Martin their individual testing requirements which may be reviewed here

What’s happening in Saint Barth

All year long Saint Barth has a lot of different events to offer. Whether you are looking for Cultural (Book and Theatre Festivals) Musical (Jazz & Music Festival), Nautical (Bucket Regatta, Les Voiles de Saint Barth…) Historical (National Celebration), the island proposes a large range of activities and events; And this is without naming all the great parties and events in the different venues of the island that take place all year long.
For the detailed annual program, you can visit